Vivica Scarling (xthegirls) wrote in x__prettyhate,
Vivica Scarling

[x] basics [x]
what time is it now?: no idea
name: Jen
age: 15
location: Redcar, England
religion: I'm an inactive Mormon
sexuality: Bisexual
single/taken: Taken
do you smoke? : Sometimes
do you take drugs?: No
do you drink alcohol?: No

[x] picture of you [x]
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[x] favourites [x]
bands: MCR, The Used, Nirvana, Jack Off Jill ...etc.
makes of clothing: Atticus, Underground, Kinda Magik
films: Disney!
tv programmes: Queer Eye For The Straight Eye
actor:Stuart Townsend
director: Tim Burton
food: Anything Edible
alocholic drink: Don't Drink
non-alocholic drink: J2o
song: At the mo it's Early Sunsets Over Monroeville - MCR
place: My Bedroom
make-up: Eyeliner!
person: Myself (I love myself but not in a bad way...get my meaning?)
accessory: My Sweatbands

[x] websites you go on [x]
livejournal?: yup
greatest journal?: no
my space?: yuh
vampire freaks?: i did...
open diary? nope

[x] other [x]
who is your hero?: Kurt Cobain
marilyn manson or nine inch nails?: NIN
jack off jill or kittie: Jack Off Jill
courtney love or katy jane garside?: Courtney Love
my ruin or tsunami bomb?: My Ruin
tairre b or jessicka? Jessika
the ramones or the clash? The Clash
why do you want to join this community?: Cos I luff you Lydia =P
have you promoted this community in 3 places?: (show us the links)
[x] opinions [x]
underage sex: It's wrong - the law is there for a reason ...
gay marriage: I'm all For it ... Love is Love!
drugs: Depends ... my friend died from an overdose ... so yeah ..
rasism: *kicks racism up the butt*
religion: Meh .. they all try to brainwash you .. it's hopeless
abortion: Womens choice ... I would never degrade anyone on there choice
arranged marriage: ... well it's not going to happen to me so I don't really know ... haven't really though about it!

[x] 2 truths 1 lie [x]
[x1x] I cut
[x2x] My eyes are blue
[x3x] I love animals

what time is it now? no idea!!

[x] 3 + more pictures of you [b]
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