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[x] basics [x]
what time is it now?: 5:45 PM
name: Audrey
age: 21
location: Evansville, IN
religion: Atheist
sexuality: Bicurious
single/taken: Taken
do you smoke? : No
do you take drugs?: No
do you drink alcohol?: Yes

[x] picture of you [x]
Image hosted by

[x] favourites [x]
bands: Mindless Self Indulgence, H.I.M., NIN (I want to go to VooDoo Fest BADLY)
makes of clothing: I really don't pay attention to brands. I just buy what I think looks good or make it myself.
films: Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (I liked Charlie as well), The Nightmare Before Christmas
tv programmes: Invader Zim, CSI
actor: Johnny Depp
director: Tim Burton
food: Pineapple
alcholic drink: I haven't tried a lot of different drinks, so right now my favorite is strawberry/orange dream margaritas.
non-alocholic drink: Water
song: "Tornado" or "Thank God" both by MSI
place: Lexington, KY - My photographer lives there and most of my friends are there for college right now.
make-up: Cover Girl's "sparkling onyx" eye shadow
person: iheartstrongbad
accessory: Scarves

[x] websites you go on [x]
livejournal?: check
greatest journal?: nope
my space?: check
vampire freaks?: check
open diary? nope

[x] other [x]
who is your hero?: Jimmy Urine
marilyn manson or nine inch nails?: NIN
jack off jill or kittie: Jack Off Jill
courtney love or katy jane garside?: Katy Jane Garside
my ruin or tsunami bomb?: Tsunami Bomb
tairre b or jessicka? Jessicka
the ramones or the clash? The Ramones
why do you want to join this community?: It actually had a survey I liked.
have you promoted this community in 3 places?: (show us the links)

[x] opinions [x]
underage sex: Adults need to keep out of the pants of kids/teens. There's something seriously messed up with you if you're 28 and want to sleep with a 13 year old.
gay marriage: It just makes sense to be for it. People who are against always talk about fucking up the economy. Firstly, the economy's already fucked. Secondly, CHANGE the legislation so you solve the economy problem before it happens. It's not rocket science.
drugs: I've never done them. I like my brain cells.
racism: I'll never be able to understand how people can hate other people for their skin color. Where's the logic in that?
religion: I was baptized Catholic and confirmed before I even knew what it meant. So now I'm still technically Catholic untill someone decides to excommunicate me. I don't think it's right to teach children to follow blindly. People shouldn't be afraid to question their religion to find out if it's what they really believe, and they shouldn't be discouraged from that questioning.
abortion: I am unapologetically pro-choice. People's sex lives and medical needs are their own, and that privacy should be respected.
arranged marriage: I would sooner kill myself than be forced to marry someone I didn't love. This is not 1905 Anatevka.

[x] 2 truths 1 lie [x]
[x1x] I'm easily distracted.
[x2x] I like making jewelry.
[x3x] I hate the color pink.

what time is it now? 6:48 PM

[x] 3 + more pictures of you [x]
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Image hosted by
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