xxfalling4u (xxfalling4u) wrote in x__prettyhate,

[x] basics [x]

what time is it now?: 21:33

name: Jen

age: 13

location: England .. United Kingdom .. Whatever you want to call it! :)

religion: Christian/Protestant .. not that religous to be honest

sexuality: Straight

single/taken: Taken by Nick .. not that you know him! :) ♥

do you smoke? : No .. I have nothing against it as my family all smoke and im used to it..

do you take drugs?: Never .. I know someone who does though.. Have nothing against them..

do you drink alcohol?: Occasionally.. (Sorry cannot spell)

[x] picture of you [x]

xxfalling4u .. Jen

[x] favourites [x]

bands: Oasis, The Libertines, MCR, The Babyshambles, Meat Loaf, Thin Lizzy,Guns N Roses

makes of clothing: Fred Perry, Jane Norman, Morgan ..

films: 13 ghosts, ghost ship, the haunting..

tv programmes: Eastenders, friends..

actor: Will Smith or Angelina Jolie

director: Don't know any.. :S

food: Scrambled eggs .. yum

alocholic drink: Bacardi & Coke

non-alocholic drink: Lilt

website: LiveJournal :D

song: Oasis Live Forever

place: Home - I can't be away from it for too long..

make-up: Elizabeth Arden

person: My brother

accessory: My mobile..to keep in touch with the ones I love:)

[x] websites you go on [x]

livejournal?: Yes, otherwise I wouldn't be appying would I ? lol

greatest journal?: No, thinking about seting an account up after I've submitted this..

my space?: Yes :)

vampire freaks?: No, never heard of it?

open diary? No .. whats the address? I like Journal sites

[x] other [x]

who is your hero?: I don't have one, no ones done anything outstanding for me, like save my life

marilyn manson or nine inch nails?: marilyn manson

jack off jill or kittie: only heard of jack off jill

courtney love or katy jane garside?: never heard of either..

my ruin or tsunami bomb?: see above

tairre b or jessicka? only heard of jessicka

the ramones or the clash? never heard of..

why do you want to join this community?: because it looks cool and is sisters with x__unpretty which I am head mod at :)

have you promoted this community in 3 places?: (show us the links) Yes...




[x] opinions [x]

underage sex: done it .. had to live with it .. next opinion please .. sorry this isnt something I like to talk about

gay marriage: nothing wrong with it at all, love is love at the end of the day. Find me the man who made a law saying you can only love a member of the oppisite sex .. exactly there is no one.

drugs: My brothers friend died of drugs, young he was only 19. Such a waste, drugs are ok I guess, if you can handle them and don't over do it.

racism: Hate it! we are all human at the end of the day and its not as though our skin colour alters our personality or the way we think. We need to get rid of it!

religion: Believe what you want to believe, but don't disrespect others. Let them believe what they wish.,

abortion: its the mothers decision. she is there to make decisions for the child. let the mother decide.

arranged marriage: I understand why religions do it and in some case its for the good because some are lucky to be matched with people they love, but if they are un happy with the person thats bad. We should all be able to choose whom we wish to spend our life with.

[x] 2 truths 1 lie [x]

[x1x] I never wear white underwear.

[x2x] I don't smoke.

[x3x] I like salads. (lie)

what time is it now? 22:04

[x] 3 + more pictures of you [b]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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